Ultra Low-Latency Services

Spread Networks® was built from the ground up to set a new standard for the lowest latency and reliability from Chicago to New York.  We trenched a new route - a direct route with microseconds in mind - to provide firms with the fastest possible speed on the shortest possible route.  Because we own and operate our entire network from New York to Chicago and in the New Jersey metro area, we are able to provide our enterprise clients with custom network solutions that have an unsurpassed record for speed, reliability, performance and service.

Spread Networks ultra low-latency services are:

  • Fast: A purpose-built network on the shortest possible route between New York and Chicago operated free of typical telecommunications drag.
  • Reliable: In operation since August 2010 with greater than 99.999% uptime.
  • Scalable: With a range of solutions from dark fiber to wavelengths, Spread Networks can provide Gigabits to Terabits of capacity without serialization delay or jitter.
  • Affordable: Spread Networks offers a range of price points and bandwidth sizes that are suited for the scale of your organization.
  • Responsive: Spread Networks operates its own 24/7/365 network operations center.  Our senior management is one phone call away, and we will surpass your expectations for responsiveness and service.