Dark Fiber

Spread Networks' dark fiber is a flexible and scalable communications solution that gives you complete control over your New York to Chicago communications platform.  Whether you are seeking lower latency by controlling every aspect of the optical equipment in your long-haul network, or looking for a scalable, fixed-cost solution for your growing bandwidth needs, Spread Networks dark fiber provides you with complete operational and technical control over your network. 

  • Fiber Type: OFS TrueWave RS Fiber, a state-of-the-art and industry standardfiber used for long-haul transmission networks. The fiber is suitable for single wave, WDM, and DWDM transmission.
  • Buried Cable Architecture: The fiber optic cable is installed in buried HDPE conduit.  The network is 100% owned and operated by Spread Networks.
  • Collocation Sites and Spacing: Spread operates 13 collocation facilities between 1400 Federal Carteret, NJ and 350 Cermak Rd, Chicago, IL.  The collocation sites are spaced approximately 120 kilometers apart.  Each collocation site is manned from 8AM to 5PM ET, and has fully redundant and monitored environmental, electrical, and security systems.
  • Monitoring and Reliability:  The entire network is driven twice daily to proactively monitor for security threats to the facilities.  This approach to network management has allowed us to achieve 99.999% uptime on our 825 mile point-to-point since the network was launched in August 2010. 
  • Terms: We offer a variety of leasing and IRU options with terms as short as one month or as long as 20 years.